Ns dversArtistic Vision

    By enhancing details, making small things big, Nightscapes Productions strives to change the mindset of our society: “Bigger is not necessarily better…” ;“Being different is a gift…”.

    By stripping locations as well as artists back to the basis, Nightscapes Productions reveals little raw but individual beauties, whilst enhancing the magic of our daily lives.
    Following the motto “beauty lies within”, Nightscapes Productions creates and designs “something out of nothing” with sustainable and recycled materials, through a personal concept.

    Nightscapes Productions focuses on unique experiences, events where the audience is not only consuming but actually participating and living the event. A Nightscapes audience is united in the joint experience, whilst having the feeling that each of them matters and adds up to the Nightscapes-feeling.

    Nightscapes Productions stresses to individually approach their audience as well as the creation of all of their events, aiming to be a counterbalance to the mass-consummation of our days.

    In order to survive we need to create new ways and approaches, making sustainable out-of-the-box creativity a necessity!