harp nightwiseNightWise

    It feels like a Nightscapes Session but always has a specific subject and carries a tiny amount of awareness: NightWise .

    NightWise is a night telling the stories of those normally unheard. A night, where we experience how it feels to be somebody else. A night where identities meet. A night where cultures are unified in music, food, story-telling, theatre and movie-performances. A night that will enhence our awareness.

    Sounds too heavy? Well no!

    NightWise is a night to celebrate and embrace variety. An experience to explore and enjoy different cultures whilst traveling from place to place, finding a warm shelter with music and food to name your home for a glimpse of the night. With your NightWise - ID you will be able to visit three different locations, where you can enjoy performances, food, music and stories all resulting in one big celebration of variety.

    We are all the same, regardless where we come from or where we might end up.

    I am - you are - we are …

    NightWise - get wiser by the night.

    I hope to see you somewhere, there or here, when the night is setting and songs are sung in secret places… That night.